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Let us rejoice and give thanks to God who calls us in the Marymount Family. In MSS and MPS, our students have been formed to be discerning persons with integrity and wisdom to assume serving leadership in whatever positions they hold in life, for the common good of society. This commitment for serving leadership has prompted our Alumnae to consider what they could offer as accomplished professionals to younger alumnae as their .Big Sisters・ in their professional fields. Our young alumnae have a desire to get connected with other alumnae, senior or junior, in their professional fields for deepening their bonding forged in MSS/MPS for their social and professional development.

In moving towards the Centenary of the founding of our School, we are launching :Marymount Professionals; as our endeavour to call together ALL alumnae of Marymount (formerly Maryknoll) Primary and Secondary Schools, both local and overseas. Through the School website, we introduce :Marymount Professionals; as the body recognized by the School to offer opportunities for our alumnae to form professional Chapters, not only and merely for social networking, but more so for carrying on our School vision, mission and culture beyond Blue Pool Road and Tai Hang Road, which is for Leadership and Service.

:Marymount Professionals; is open to ALL alumnae, to extend our connection with our alumnae and to widen the service provided by the MSS Mentorship Programme. I am very grateful to Ms. Asha Sharma, our distinguished Alumna in the legal field. Asha shared her desire of setting up a .MSS Legal Chapter・ for networking of our MSS lawyers during the Boat trip in 2016 in preparation for our 90th anniversary celebration. With her generosity, leadership and agility, we now establish :Marymount Professionals;, with .Legal・, .Medical・, .Real Estate・, 'Education・, .Finance and Account・, .Event and Entertainment・, "Civil Service & Statutory Body" Chapters and more to come.

Let・s pray that God who started His good work in Marymount will bring our endeavour to completion.

Dr. Éadaoin K. P. Hui, C.L.C.
School Supervisor

Dear Alumnae, Students and Friends in the Marymount Family,

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce the launch of "Marymount Professionals; - an important initiative by our School to celebrate the success of our talented alumnae and for them to share their wealth of experience with our students and young graduates. "Marymount Professionals" is open to all alumnae of Marymount (formerly Maryknoll) Primary and Secondary Schools, both local and overseas.

At the official opening of the new Marymount School Building in 2007, the then Permanent Secretary for Education, Mr. Raymond Wong, JP, said in his opening address that :Marymount is always in the forefront of providing quality-education and takes the lead to try new initiatives while at the same time upholding its fine tradition.;

With an outstanding history of over 90 years and as we approach our Centenary, we are proud of our extensive body of distinguished and well established alumnae in the different fields.

"Marymount Professionals" will have within it a Chapter each for the different professions, starting with those most popular amongst our graduates. Further Chapters will be added as Marymount Professionals matures in the years to come. Invited by an Advisory Board, senior Convenors of each Chapter will provide guidance whilst junior Convenors will manage and organise events to forge links between our students, new graduates and the working world as well as provide them opportunities to appreciate the practical aspects and expectations of the different professions. With new and pressing challenges coupled with the demanding skills expected in society today, we hope "Marymount Professionals", as an extension of the education and guidance provided at School, will better prepare our students and young graduates as they pursue and progress in their respective professions.

I am honoured to be the co-founder of "Marymount Professionals" with our Supervisor, Dr. Éadaoin Hui. I look forward to your continuous support and commitment to make Marymount Professionals strong and successful.

Ms. Asha Sharma